Clear Gloss Varnish Treatment

A complete Polyurethane treatment of your table and/or bench seat with an oil based clear gloss polyurethane (varnish). We are now offering to apply this product so when your order arrives it is all ready to go for your little ones! This product provides: - Complete durable finish - Enhances timber grain while keeping a natural colour & finish - Water & UV resistant - Scratch resistant - Stain resistant Making your table completely protected for fun messy times such as, coloured water play, fizzy colours, painting, drawing, and eating etc. Includes: 3 - 4 coats with proper power sanding in between coats. NOTE: PLEASE ALLOW EXTRA TIME FOR THIS TREAMENT TO BE COMPLETED. We will need extra time to complete this treatment on top of the regular build time. The treatment needs 6 hours to dry between coats plus a lot of extra 'love a care' (time) because of the type of treatment. Please contact us if you need an approx ETA on your order with this treatment.