About Us


My name is Emma & with my fiancé Myles, we started Pippy Play Designs after we created our first table for our son Harrison.
Myles found a love for woodworking when we bought our first home, he worked on many projects for inside & outside the house. I really wanted a play table that could be kept indoors or outdoors that I could use to set up endless sensory play invitations for Harry. I proposed this to Myles & after some scribbles on a notepad & a trip to the hardware store the first design was built.
All of our sensory play tables are handmade by Myles on his days off from his full time job (and he still does all the grocery shopping! - I mean, what a keeper)
I love setting up different types of sensory play knowing all the benefits and the enjoyment that Harry gets from them.
We love seeing your little ones exploring & playing in all the amazing play invitations you create for them in our tables!
Thank you for supporting our small family business. it means so much to us!
Emma, Myles, Harrison & Belly babe!


 What's in the name 'Pippy Play'?

"Pippy is the pet name we use for each other - rather than babe - it started randomly years & years ago and it just stuck. Play is the core of our business....creating endless play opportunities for our little ones. Hence Pippy Play - Our love + the love we have watching our little ones play"